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SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Microchip maker Intel Corp. on Tuesday reported its highest-ever quarterly revenue and boosted its budget for factory and manufacturing investments by more than $1 billion as profits exceeded Wall Street expectations. The bellwether report, the first earnings release of the year from a major U.S. technology company, boosted Intel's stock by 3 percent in after-hours trading. More...

NEW YORK (Reuters) - President Bush promised to offer an ambitious plan for overhauling Social Security soon, pledging to "provide the political cover" for nervous lawmakers, according to an interview published in the Wall Street Journal Tuesday. In the interview, the president also warned opponents they are "taking a risk politically" by resisting change More...

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E-commerce can be defined as a set of inter networked computers used to create and modify business relationships. Internet made it possible that services and transactions became faster and less costly, also theses processes have become of better quality. By now e-commerce covers almost all the areas of business. The three main areas in which it is applied are: Intra-Business Business to Business, and Business to Consumer. The goals of e-commerce include: lowering the transactions time, reducing the transactions costs, improving the quality of the services and improving customerr service.

It is important to study E-commerce because lately enourmous changes are taking place in regards on how businesses are done. Business models of a decade ago are being replaced by near-instantly available information and near-instant purchasing of goods and services. This changing process has really just begun and the implications of this new business model are still being explored.

The Internet is proving to be a significant market, where small and medium size companies can compete with giant companies on the same field.

Whether you are a consumer or a business-to-business resource, some of the most efficient marketing and comercializing tools are available through the Internet, and the potential of reaching a vast audience is offered to everyone through theWorld Wide Web.

To save time for consumers it is more comfortable to use credit and bank cards to make online purchases from secured online, virtual companies. Consumers compare shops over the Internet to find the best quality and cost products, and buy a wide a range of goods from groceries to high-tech products. As electronic-consumer trade continues to increase, business t -business e-commerce will become even more stronger.

Many large corporations already have mandated the use of online transactions to their downstream vendors. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), the introduction of electronic commerce in federal contracting is moving ahead, and small businesses owners must adopt this new business strategy to remain competitive.

Until now, developing an e-commerce web site meant dealing with several companies: one to host the site, one to develop the web site, one for e-commerce research, and another provider for secure payment processing.

Also successful investors know that the only way to achieve their financial goals is to regularly review their investment. Now, more than ever, finance plays a critical role in any organization, and companise require leaders who can excel in managing this aspect of the business.

Please visit the links we recommend to learn more about e-commerce, small businesses, investment and finance.

One of the key consideration for any new small business owner is how they will finance the operations of their company. Many business owners will choose to utilize a bank loan, a small business credit card, or a line of credit.
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