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You might find yourself in the very unpleasant situation when you would really like to buy something, but you just do not have enough money, or you would like to go somewhere on a holiday and you realized you can't afford it. Unpredictable events can happen all the time, in some situations you might need help. These situations might be very unpleasant, but there is an easy solution for you: personal loans. Here you can read about the advantages of the main types of loans. If you are interested in bad credit loans or bad credit personal loans visit

There are two types of personal loans: secured and unsecured. Secured means that you put any of your assets as collateral (your car or your house), while unsecured personal loans have no collateral. Personal loans are very popular because they have a lower interest rate than credit cards do. This type of loan requires minimal documentation and you can have the money really quick. So consider it a good option instead of just using your credit card. We will discuss the advantages of each type of personal loan; we will start with the unsecured one.

As it already been said, an unsecured personal loan does not have any collateral, this might mean that the total amount you want to get, will be a little smaller, but otherwise there is no big difference between the two types, only you can decide which one fits your needs better. The interest rates of an unsecured personal loan depend on a few factors like your credit score, your circumstances and of course, it depends from the bank or other financial institution, which will lend you the money. Also, the period of repayment varies from one institution to the other, but for unsecured personal loans the repayment period is usually quite short. Of course this depends not only on the financial institution, you can ask for a longer or shorter period of repayment, according to your needs. You should know that the longer the repayment period is, the less you pay every month. So take this into account when you decide on the period of the loan. Also visit Aunt Nancy's Cash Advance Loan Site for more information about cash loans and payday loans.

The total amount of the loan also depends on various factors: the institution, your monthly income, your credit history and credit rating. The last important thing which concerns unsecured personal loans is the monthly rate: you can choose to pay a fixed rate. In this case you will have to pay the same amount of money every month, except for the final payment, where the amount might be a little bigger, since you might have to pay any interest. The amount which can be borrowed usually goes between $500 and $25000.

A secured personal loan is very similar to the unsecured one, you have to put something as collateral. Depending on the amount asked for, this collateral might just your car, or your house. Compared to unsecured personal loans, secured ones usually have a lower interest rate and you might opt for a longer repayment period. They have a lower interest rate because it provides the lender security, regardless if your home is already mortgaged or not. Also, compared to the unsecured one, in this case you can ask for a bigger amount of money. The amount which can be borrowed is usually as high as $50 000, but it might go as high as $100 000, of course, depending on the value of the collateral and your demands.

Although you can ask for a bigger amount of money if you choose an unsecured loan, your monthly payments might be smaller than if you ask for an unsecured one, all this because of the lower interest rate. As already said, in case of secured loans the repayment period is longer, it can go between five and thirty-five years. For instance if you get bad credit motorcycle financing it will likely be a secured loan for 5 years, while in case of payday loans it can be less than a month. A small disadvantage of secured personal loan compared to the unsecured personal loans is that it takes a little longer until you get the money. This happens because they need to evaluate your property and the necessary paperwork will have to be put in place to secure the legal charge. But this only counts as a minor inconvenience if you consider the other benefits the secured personal loan has, compared to the unsecured one. Secured loans for debt consolidation can be used even by those who don't have a perfect credit by using a house or a car as a collateral.

Let us talk a little bit about the documentation needed for a personal loan. Personal loans a very convenient because you only need a few documents, and you can have the money. Basically you will have to fill out a form with all your personal information, the amount needed, you will have to prove that you are employed, and you will need your annual income and monthly outgoings (other credits for instance). Of course, in case of a secured personal loan, you will have to evaluate your property, and there will be a little bit more paperwork, but not for you. You just have to hand the requested documents to the lender. You will find out the complete list of documentation required once you have contacted the financial institution, since the documentation will very from one institution to the other.

Now here are a few helpful tips. Do not borrow more that you need. This is very simple, if you think through the process, you will figure it out yourself: the more you borrow, the more you have to pay back in loan interest. You should always know the exact amount you have the pay and the data you have to make the payment. This way you can avoid being late with your payments, and you won't risk losing your property, in case of a secured loan. Besides taking a loan, you might want to consider loan insurance. It will become very useful if for any reason, your financial situation degrades. Note that if you take a secured loan and do not pay the monthly amount, you might lose your property, so think it through twice and you might want to consider an unsecured loan instead a secured one, if you do not need a big amount of money.

As a last advice: look for the best offer! Every financial institution has a different offer, the interests might be slightly different, but in the long term that 0.1 or 0.5 per cent really counts, so you should compare the offer of several institutions.

We offer what we think are the best loans from the banks and other lenders. Search and compare personal secured and unsecured loans from many lenders and brokers.
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