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"Net lingo" as it is known, is the "talk of the Internet", the "cyber speak," the new terms and technology about the companies and products that have sprung out of the creation and community of the Internet. Thousands of new words have emerged since the Web was first commercially released in 1994, and millions of people who use the Internet for personal and professional reasons have had to learn, quite literally, a new language.

"The digital frontier is a nurturing place where verbs and nouns are not only born, but in fact bear offspring." -Don Altman, The Digital Frontier

Those in the high-tech industry surrounding the development of the World Wide Web have acquired this new vocabulary over time. Other people have varying degrees of understanding as they've had to learn this new lingo along the way. "NetLingo" is a current authoritative reference on this new Internet terminology. The Web site is widely used in the Internet industry and within the general public. It is an online publication where users go to "look up" a word (just like we do with a regular dictionary). is the online dictionary that defines the new language surrounding the Internet, the World Wide Web, and the online world of communication and technology. Conceived of as a resource to help demystify the net, has become a popular reference tool for students, teachers, librarians, industry professionals, and anyone who gets online.

"No language as depending on arbitrary use and custom can ever be permanently the same, but will always be in a mutable and fluctuating state; and what is deemed polite and elegant in one age, may be accounted uncouth and barbarous in another." -Benjamin Martin

There are thousands of terms that now compose the lexicon of new media and new technology. sorts these terms into 10 categories:

  • Acronyms - with more than 700 text message explanations
  • Online Business Terms
  • Online Jargon
  • Online Marketing
  • Net Organizations
  • Net Technology
  • Net Software
  • Net Hardware
  • Net Programming
  • Technical Terms

There are also hundreds of Smileys, also known as Emoticons, which are used in the online world to convey emotion, for example:
:-) Happy
:-( Sad
:-> Sarcastic
%-\ Tired

Written by a woman, Erin Jansen, is easy-to-understand because she explains these new and sometimes technical concepts in layman's language everyone can grasp. Based on the popularity of, it has since been published as a book, a PDF, and an e-book. New Internet terms are added weekly on the Web site, there is a monthly newsletter, and a variety of PDF Special Reports are available which explore various terms in the Internet lexicon.

"A dictionary is a historical monument, the history of a nation contemplated from one point of view, and the wrong ways into which a language has wandered … may be nearly as instructive as the right ones." -Richard Chenevix Trench

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